Welcoming your pets at The New House Company

January 30, 2017
The New House Company -- as founded in 1981 and serving the Charlottesville, Virginia region -- is proud to announce that it is a pet-friendly property management business, extending numerous rental locations across the area that welcome various animals. With varying deposits required as well as pet references, dogs and cats are allowed in many of The New House Company’s available properties. Other pets are permitted on a case-by-case basis depending on the precise animal, the specific property and the homeowner’s approval. Some of these “other” pets include birds, ferrets and turtles. The New House Company works with rental tenants and homeowners to ensure happy living for people and animals alike.

The New House Company’s founder Katie Cornish

June 18, 2016
In 1981, Katie Cornish recognized a gap in the housing market in Charlottesville, Virginia. She noticed that the options for buyers and sellers of real estate were few in the region, including proper housing management for those who needed a middle-man when renting their home. She wanted to fill the void and problem-solve for her area, and thus, a new business was created: The New House Company. Cornish’s idea became a solution -- a solution that aided property owners as well as those who wanted to rent space in Charlottesville and several surrounding areas.

The company grew in the decades that followed. Additionally, clients changed with the business. Former renters utilized The New House Company to purchase the homes of their dreams. Some homeowners used Cornish’s business to sell their property as they moved away from Charlottesville. And some property owners utilized The New House Company as they gained additional homes and needed the business’ services to manage more rental properties in the region.

Cornish was significantly successful in business, but unfortunately, myelofibrosis -- a bone marrow disorder -- caused her body to suffer. She underwent a stem cell transplant in the hopes of a cure, but her struggle continued. Cornish passed away in November 2015. The New House Company, her business dream, lives on in her honor in the Charlottesville area.